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Landscape Design

Residential Landscape Design. Advanced Sprinkler & Landscape Services

The Design Process

Ready for new landscaping, but don't know where to start?

We can help!  Call us today to set an appointment with a designer.  We will meet with you to assess the property and discuss your wants and needs.  

1. Assessment (Survey Property) It is important for us to walk the entire property and evaluate what changes are needed to ensure that you don't waste your money or that potential problems aren't overlooked.  While there is a design fee, you are free to do what you want with your design.  You can have the professionals at Advanced Sprinkler and Landscape install your new landscape,  or shop it around.  Here's a list of some other things to consider during the first meeting.

  • a. Lifestyle: Family, Friends, Pets, etc.

  • b. Environmental Issues: Amount of Sunlight, Grade, Drainage, Existing Trees

  • c. Neighbor Elements: screening for privacy, etc.

  • d. Borders, Patios, Arbors, Outdoor Kitchen, etc.

  • e. Lighting and Irrigation

  • f. Water & Fire Features

  • g. Plant selection, Color, Texture, Aroma, etc.

  • h. Budget and Timeline

At the initial appointment; the designer will quote you a price for creating your design plan and will request a down payment before beginning any design work.

2. Plot your Dimensions - (Please try to have a survey plat for us). We will take measurements of the area to accurately quote and design your project. 

3. Concept Design - We begin to compile and work all of the above information into a design. The principle is to incorporate all of your needs and try to meet your wants.

4. Final Design - The designer puts all the pieces together in a scaled design which meets all of your requirements and potentially all of your landscape dreams. A plan allows you to consider all of the different elements in your project. Your designer will again meet with you to present your final design. 

5. Turning the Dream into a Reality - The scaled design gives you an overall working plan (goal) that may be installed in stages as your budget allows. Elements of the plan can be adjusted upon request. Example: switching from flagstone to decomposed granite can save you a considerable amount of money--you may choose to keep the savings or upgrade elsewhere in the plan. 

Custom Cedar Pergola & Flastone Patio
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