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Let us bring a whole new look to your landscape with new sod.

St Augustine, Bermuda & Zoysia are all great choices depending on your situation.  We can help you decide which one will work best for you.

Considering  Artificial Grass?

You won't believe how far Artificial Grass has come.  You literally have to walk up to it and feel it.  Even then, you still think "Is that real???".  Imagine, virtually no maintenance, no watering, and its green ALL year!  What could be better?  

Sod Installation Process

#1. Flag all sprinkler heads so they aren't damaged during the sod removal process.

#2. Remove all existing grass and level out the area to a smooth surface.

#3.  Lay new sod in a brick style pattern.

#4. Roll new sod.  This helps bond the new sod to the existing soil.

#5. Water your new lawn!  

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(972) 840 - 8578

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