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System Check

Just like a car, your irrigation system needs a periodic tune-up to keep it safe, in good repair, and operating efficiently. A once a year is suggested.

Unsure of the state of your system? We offer sprinkler system inspections to identify all types of problems and the corresponding solutions to them. Call us today to make sure you are ready for the upcoming season!

  • Run a system test cycle

  • Check entire system for leaks

  • Check controller for proper operation

  • Check rain sensor for proper operation

  • Adjust System run times according to season and plant growth needs

  • Check that automatic valves fully open close

  • Check that electric solenoids operate correctly

  • Check for leaky seals in heads

  • Check nozzles for correct spray patterns

  • Make notification to customer if any repairs or alterations to the system are needed (Provide Estimate)

  • Schedule Appointment for repairs needed

RainBird Esp-4Mei Controller

What does a system check include?

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