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Water Conservation

Drip Irrigation 

Drip system installation or conversions are a popular way to increase the coverage and efficiency of an existing system or can be an integral part of a new system installation. Drip offers many advantages over a more traditional spray system:

  • Low evaporative loss due to the water being dispensed at the root zone (efficiency of around 90% compared to the 40-60% range for spray depending on installation parameters)

  • Offers the possibility of installing an automating foundation watering zone that will far outlast soaker-hoses and actuate automatically from your sprinkler controller

  • Most cities do not regulate the operation of a drip watering zone which allows them to be scheduled more often to maintain moisture in landscaped bed areas with sensitive plants, even during watering restrictions.

  • The water is applied at soil level so plants of differing heights that would disrupt the coverage of a normal spray zone do not affect drip operation or allow the development of dry spots as plants mature.

  • Drip systems are easy to modify for future expansions or additions without extensive trenching.

Rain / Freeze Sensors

Water is one of mankind's most precious resources and Advanced Sprinkler is aims to reduce waste whenever possible. One of the simplest measures to eliminate waste is the installation of a rain/freeze sensing device that can automatically suspend watering due to rain or freezing temperatures.

Sprinklers left running during a freeze causing winter wonderlad

Smart Controllers

Smart or otherwise known as ET (EvapoTranspriation rate) controllers are a great way to eliminate the hassle of constantly changing your controller for the changing seasons and weather conditions and tailor your watering schedule to the actual measured conditions and plant needs to make sure the exact needs are met without over or under-watering plant material. 

Drip Irrigaiton in landscape bed
Drip Irrigation in New landscape bed
Water Efficient Nozzles

Water Efficient Nozzles 

In the past ten years many new nozzles have come to market that offer increased application efficiency and reduce runoff with slower application rates. We offer these nozzle upgrades to new and existing systems and are a real bang for your buck because normally the head does not require replacement to accommodate the new nozzle designs.

 Check valve heads can prevent water loss due to gravity draining system piping on sloped areas. All nozzles have manufacturer specified pressure ranges that allow them to operate at the highest performance and we can accomplish this by the installation of pressure regulating valves or individual sprinkler heads depending on the situation.

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